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Small Events

Elevate the charm of your intimate gatherings with bespoke florals tailored to the essence of small events. Crafting custom floral arrangements for more personal affairs, such as dinners, engagement parties, or cozy celebrations, brings an unmatched touch of sophistication and individuality to the occasion. We will collaborate closely with you, considering your event's theme, color palette, and ambiance to curate floral designs that resonate with the intimate nature of the gathering. From intricately designed centerpieces that capture the spirit of the event to delicately crafted personal pieces for table settings. Bespoke florals add a refined and personalized touch to every corner. These unique arrangements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also become cherished focal points, ensuring that your small event is not just a moment but a beautifully curated memory.

Starting at 2 hours 30 minutes | Starting at $500 | Customer's Place

Flower Table Setting _ House of Florals _ Palm Springs.jpg
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