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Bring joy and happiness to any space. Each design is carefully handcrafted. All of our flowers are handpicked from our gardens and local sources.

To capture the ethereal nature of botanicals, many of our designs are created by a floating floral process, producing an organic sense of movement. 

Complimentary Swatch Books

Ready to add some blooming beauty to your home or workspace? Download your complimentary swatch book of wallpaper designs from The House of Florals today! With each design carefully handcrafted and featuring handpicked flowers from our gardens and local sources, you're sure to bring joy and happiness to any space. Plus, our floating floral process creates an organic sense of movement, capturing the ethereal nature of botanicals in every print. Don't wait any longer to elevate your decor with the natural beauty of The House of Florals' wallpaper designs. Click now to download your free swatch book!


Wallpaper Choices


Choose from Pre-Pasted, Peel & Stick, Traditional, or Grass Cloth backings.

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