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  • Flower Parties

    Transform your party into a blooming celebration with a fun flower arranging activity. Delight your guests with the opportunity to channel their creativity and connect with nature as they craft personalized floral masterpieces. Equipped with an assortment of fresh, vibrant blooms, participants can explore the art of flower arranging under the guidance of a skilled florist. This hands-on experience not only adds a touch of elegance to your event but also serves as a delightful icebreaker, encouraging conversation and camaraderie among attendees. Each guest will leave with a unique floral arrangement, a tangible memento of the special occasion, and a newfound appreciation for the beauty that blossoms when creativity and nature intertwine. Whether it's a bridal shower, birthday party, or a casual get-together, the flower arranging activity promises to infuse your gathering with color, fragrance, and a sense of shared accomplishment. We arrive with vases, flowers and provide tools to work with. Up to 4 people $400 Each additional person $50 Location of your choice

  • Flower Crown Workshop

    Discover the artistry of crafting beautiful flower crowns in our fun workshop! Immerse yourself in a hands-on experience that blends creativity with nature's vibrant beauty. We will guide you through the step-by-step process of selecting and arranging an array of fresh, seasonal flowers into a stunning crown that reflects your unique style. Whether you're a budding florist or just looking to add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe, our flower crown class is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill while connecting with nature. Join us for a memorable and Instagram-worthy experience that celebrates the joy of crafting the perfect piece. We arrive with wires, flowers and provide tools to work with. Up to 5 people $400 Each additional person $50 Location of your Choice

  • Mindful Bundle Creation

    Engage in the ancient and meditative practice of crafting your own clearing bundle, a mindful activity that blends creativity with positive energy. Begin by gathering an assortment of herbs such as sage, lavender, and rosemary, each chosen for its unique cleansing properties. Assemble these fragrant elements into a cohesive bundle, carefully binding them together with twine or string. This process encourages a serene and introspective atmosphere, allowing participants to infuse their intentions and positive energy into the creation. Once completed, the clearing bundle serves as a meaningful tool for smudging, a ritualistic practice that involves burning the bundle to purify and cleanse a space. This hands-on activity not only imparts a sense of accomplishment but also offers a tangible and aromatic reminder of the intentions set during the crafting process. Whether shared in a group setting or undertaken individually, making a clearing bundle becomes a transformative experience, fostering a deeper connection with both nature and inner self. Includes crystals, herbs and flowers. $300 up to 5 people $30 each additional person Location of your Choice

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  • Floral Trends Predictions for 2024

    Sustainable Floristry Takes Center Stage: Sustainability is not just a trend but a guiding principle in 2024's floral design landscape. The focus is on eco-conscious practices, with florists sourcing locally and seasonally. Dried flowers emerge as a sustainable choice, not only for their longevity but also for reducing the constant need for fresh blooms. This trend aligns with the growing global emphasis on responsible and environmentally friendly choices. Bold and Dramatic Color Palettes: The year 2024 embraces a fearless use of color in floral arrangements. Expect to see a rich palette featuring deep blues, lush purples, and fiery reds. Florists are experimenting with vivid hues to create arrangements that make a bold and memorable statement. This trend is perfect for those seeking to infuse events with energy and vibrancy. Fruit and Flower Fusion: The fusion of fruit and flowers is a sensory delight in 2024. Centerpieces adorned with juicy citrus fruits, berries, figs, and pomegranates add a playful and unexpected element to events. Beyond aesthetics, this trend carries symbolism, with fruits associated with abundance seamlessly blended with flowers, creating arrangements that tell a rich and meaningful story. Minimalistic Elegance: Less is more in 2024 as minimalistic elegance takes center stage. Clean lines, simple color schemes, and a restrained use of flowers create arrangements that radiate sophistication and modernity. This trend is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty found in simplicity and subtlety. Personalized Floral Experiences: Flowers become storytellers in 2024 as floral designers collaborate closely with clients to create personalized experiences. Bespoke arrangements reflect individual personalities and themes, turning each bouquet or centerpiece into a unique work of art. This trend brings a deeper level of connection and emotion to floral design. Flowers for Wellness: In the realm of wellness, flowers play a crucial role in enhancing mental and emotional well-being. The use of flowers for their therapeutic properties, often referred to as floral or flower therapy, has been recognized for centuries. Here are a few flowers renowned for their positive impact on wellness: Lavender: Known for its calming and soothing properties, lavender is often used to alleviate stress and promote relaxation. Its gentle fragrance can be infused into essential oils, candles, or sachets, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Chamomile: Chamomile flowers are celebrated for their calming and sleep-inducing qualities. Whether enjoyed as a tea or incorporated into scented products, chamomile helps ease tension and promote a sense of peace. Rose: Beyond its symbolic association with love, roses contribute to emotional well-being. The aroma of rose petals is believed to uplift the spirits and reduce stress. Rose essential oil or rosewater can be incorporated into beauty and self-care rituals. Jasmine: Jasmine is celebrated for its sweet and exotic fragrance, known to have mood-enhancing properties. Diffusing jasmine essential oil or having jasmine blooms in the living space can boost positivity and create a sense of joy. Peppermint: While often recognized for its invigorating scent, peppermint also has calming effects. Peppermint essential oil or fresh peppermint leaves can be incorporated into wellness routines to promote mental clarity and focus. Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is renowned for its refreshing and invigorating aroma. The inhalation of eucalyptus can clear the mind and promote respiratory well-being. Eucalyptus leaves can be used in shower bundles or as part of aromatherapy. Sunflower: Sunflowers symbolize positivity and joy. Their vibrant appearance can have a positive impact on mood, making them a cheerful addition to spaces where mental well-being is a focus. Geranium: Geraniums are known for their balancing properties. The aroma of geranium essential oil is believed to promote emotional stability and reduce feelings of anxiety. Incorporating these flowers into your living space, whether through arrangements, essential oils, or herbal teas, can contribute to a holistic approach to wellness. The presence of flowers has the power to uplift the spirit, create a calming ambiance, and foster a connection between nature and one's emotional state, promoting overall well-being. Have a meaningful class at your airbnb.

  • Dried Flowers vs. Preserved Flowers: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Floral Arrangement

    Introduction When it comes to floral arrangements, both dried and preserved flowers have become increasingly popular choices in recent years. They offer an enduring and eco-friendly alternative to fresh-cut blooms. But what sets these two options apart? In this blog, we'll explore the differences between dried and preserved flowers while highlighting their Eco-conscious advantages. Dried Flowers: Capturing Nature's Beauty Dried flowers have been cherished for centuries, adorning homes with their rustic charm and nostalgic appeal. These blooms are meticulously dried and preserved naturally, allowing them to maintain their original shapes and colors. The drying process involves hanging the flowers upside down in a dark, cool area to allow for gentle evaporation without losing their essence. Larger blooms are dried using a mesh to hold their heads upright. Benefits of Dried Flowers: Sustainability: Dried flowers eliminate the need for constant cultivation and transportation, reducing the carbon footprint and water consumption associated with traditional cut flowers. Waste Reduction: Dried flowers last indefinitely if cared for properly, preventing the wasteful disposal that comes with fresh flowers' short lifespans. Biodegradable: At the end of their lifecycle, dried flowers can be composted, returning to the earth without leaving behind harmful residues*. * this does not apply to spray painted flowers Preserved flowers offer an exquisite alternative to both fresh and dried blooms. Through a careful preservation process, the flowers retain their natural appearance and feel, staying vibrant and supple for years to come. This process replaces the plant's sap with a biodegradable preserving solution, locking in its beauty and charm. Eco-Conscious Benefits of Preserved Flowers: Reduced Water Usage: Preserving flowers requires significantly less water than growing fresh ones, thereby conserving this precious resource. No Transportation Emissions: As preserved flowers can be produced locally, they cut down on the carbon emissions associated with international flower shipments. Both dried and preserved flowers offer the unique advantage of longevity, making them sustainable choices for eco-conscious consumers. Fresh flowers often perish within days or weeks, leading to frequent replacements and increased waste. In contrast, dried and preserved blooms can retain their beauty for months or even years, reducing the demand for constant floral purchases. Caring for Dried and Preserved Flowers Caring for dried and preserved flowers is simple and low maintenance. Here are some tips to ensure their longevity Keep them away from direct sunlight, as this can cause fading. Avoid exposing them to high humidity or moisture, which can cause mold or decay. Gently dust them from time to time to maintain their appearance.

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  • Sustainable Floral Design | House Of Florals

    Bouquets by Shop Flowers At The HOUSE OF FLORALS, our mission is to focus on providing an innovative and fresh approach to beauty with carefully sourced fresh, dried, and preserved florals, while focusing on reducing water consumption and environmental preservation. With our modern and creative touch, HOF aims to bring joy and happiness to any space through playful and sustainable floral creations and things for your home. Parties Flower Parties 1.5 hours | $400 for 4 people | Location of your choice 1 hr 30 min Book Now Mindful Bundle Creation Engage in the ancient and meditative practice of crafting your own cle... 1 hr Book Now Flower Crown Workshop Discover the artistry of crafting beautiful flower crowns in our fun w... 1 hr 30 min Book Now Parties Quick View Designers Choice Price $33.00 Add to Cart Quick View Sunrise Vibes Price $150.00 Add to Cart Quick View Desert Vibes Price $150.00 Add to Cart Quick View You Have My Attention Price $85.00 Add to Cart Quick View Blueberry Noir Price $33.00 Add to Cart Quick View Sunny Side Up Price $33.00 Add to Cart Load More Fine Art Prints Lucie Florals x Javiera Estrada Make a room bloom with these prints from the Lucie Florals x Javiera Estrada Palm Springs 1972 Collection View Now Quick View Coachella - Yellow Price $40.00 Add to Cart Quick View Desert Dancer Price $40.00 Add to Cart Quick View Tequila Sunrise Price $40.00 Add to Cart Wallpaper Bring joy and happiness to any space. Each design is carefully handcrafted. All of our flowers are handpicked from our gardens and local sources. ​ To capture the ethereal nature of botanicals, many of our designs are created by a floating floral process, producing an organic sense of movement. View Now Quick View Poppy Party | Mint Price $8.00 Add to Cart Quick View I Love Poppy | White Price $8.00 Add to Cart Quick View Gingham Illustration | Purple Price $8.00 Add to Cart Quick View Versailles Petite | Plum Price $8.00 Add to Cart Quick View California Desert | White Price $8.00 Add to Cart Quick View Love is in the Air | Mint Price $8.00 Add to Cart The Story of Read Now ABOUT Dear Lovers of All Things Floral Welcome to THE HOUSE OF FLORALS! If you’re here, we’re guessing you love flowers, color, and all things fabulous just as much as we do! The HOUSE OF FLORALS organically bloomed when Lucie’s floral artistry and Javeria’s fine art photography collided, resulting in an explosion of vibrant prints, gorgeous wallpapers, and beautiful home goods. The spectacular combination of our British and Mexican heritage makes for a unique design and style! Each design is carefully handcrafted–from handpicking our flowers to locally sourcing botanicals. The HOUSE OF FLORALS is a company who’s playful, sustainable, and innovative nature brings joy and happiness to any space. Our vision is to intersect the exterior and the interior world, creating a seamless space between nature and home. Thank you for joining us on this journey! With love, Lucie + Javeria Dear Lover A Letter from Lucie ​Flowers, vintage jewelry, fashion, and anything whimsical have always been an inspiration. Early on, I had a love for florals, color, and design, looking for ways to incorporate them into my work as a hairstylist. The ideas I’ve taken from shapes and colors of flowers have helped me win recognition as an award-winning hairstylist. Deciding it was time to merge my profession and passion together, I immersed myself in deep study of floral design. Hands-on practice through the London Flower School career course, Flower School Los Angeles and one-on-one training with The Boy Who Cried Flowers have coalesced my vision and work. At The House of Florals, Our mission is to provide an innovative and fresh approach to beauty with dried and preserved florals, while focusing on reducing water consumption and environmental preservation. With our modern and creative touch, The House of Florals aims to bring joy and happiness to any space through playful and sustainable floral creations. Lucie Doughty Footer

  • Small Events | House of Florals

    Small Events Elevate the charm of your intimate gatherings with bespoke florals tailored to the essence of small events. Crafting custom floral arrangements for more personal affairs, such as dinners, engagement parties, or cozy celebrations, brings an unmatched touch of sophistication and individuality to the occasion. We will collaborate closely with you, considering your event's theme, color palette, and ambiance to curate floral designs that resonate with the intimate nature of the gathering. From intricately designed centerpieces that capture the spirit of the event to delicately crafted personal pieces for table settings. Bespoke florals add a refined and personalized touch to every corner. These unique arrangements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also become cherished focal points, ensuring that your small event is not just a moment but a beautifully curated memory. ​ Starting at 2 hours 30 minutes | Starting at $500 | Customer's Place First Name Last Name Email Phone Location of Event Total Number of Participants Event Start Time Event Date Event End Time Send Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch in 72 hours

  • Press & Awards | The House Of Florals

    Hairbrainded Video Awards 2023 Creative Video of the Year Video of the Year Beauty Hub Magazine 2023 Creative Video of the Year ​ AWARDS BLOOMED Award-winning video by Lucie Doughty & Traci Sakosits Film by @jeaneenlund Photographer @lellopepper Hair @tracisak_hair Make Up @anthonymerante Florals @lucieflorals Assistant Paula Peralta Models @gapshawdy @carlannjohn @uhclarice @izzybaby0 Song “Sunshine” by @daughtersofnoise Featured In PRESS Work created by @lucieflorals for various editorial and advertising projects. Lucie designs wearables for many celebrities and people looking for a unique piece for an event or photoshoot. If you are interested in a bespoke piece or flowers for your small event, please contact us Contact Us 01 Ashe A musical delight, known for her cool and colorful vintage style. SEE MORE 02 BLOOMED Spring on film. SEE MORE 03 LA Magazine Dark rich tones with pieces that looked like they were growing on her. SEE MORE 04 Blooming Gorgeous The beauty of nature as seen in Remix magazine’s Spring edition. SEE MORE 05 MIZZ Bloom Campaign for Mizz Bloom organic skincare. SEE MORE 06 Beauty By Botanicals An editorial for Remix magazine that highlighted great skin. SEE MORE 07 Beauty In Bloom Gracing the cover of American Salon magazine with a little flower power. SEE MORE

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