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Introducing Our Fresh and Dried Flower Collections

Ready to Make Someone's Day?

You will find a variety of fresh flower arrangements and forever flowers to fit every occasion.

Our flower arrangements are a testament to the beauty of seasonality and an artistic approach to the craft of floral design. Each arrangement is a bespoke masterpiece, meticulously crafted. We pride ourselves on offering one-of-a-kind arrangements that go beyond the conventional.


Corporate Gifting
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Corporate Gifting

Forge enduring connections with your team members, clients, and collaborators through the art of corporate gifting. The House of Florals offers you the opportunity to craft distinctive and stunning flower arrangements for your corporate gifts, seamlessly blending in your brand elements and messaging. Allow us to assist you in curating something truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable for your audience.

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Custom Florals for Your Home or Airbnb

Transform your stay into a botanical oasis with our exquisite customized florals, tailored to suit your unique style. Our skilled florists craft bespoke arrangements that harmonize with your occasion, creating a seamless blend of nature and elegance. Picture a dining experience like no other, where custom table settings adorned with carefully chosen flowers or petals set the stage for a special announcement. Whether you prefer a romantic ambiance with soft, pastel hues or a vibrant burst of colors for a lively gathering, our personalized floral designs cater to your preferences. Elevate every moment with the enchanting beauty of handpicked blooms, as our attention to detail ensures that your space becomes a haven of floral splendor, making any occasion unforgettable.

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