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SELF-GUIDED EXPERIENCE - We provide the materials, how-to video, and flowers, you do the activity in your own time. Engage in the ancient and meditative practice of crafting your own clearing bundle, a mindful activity that blends creativity with positive energy. Begin by gathering an assortment of herbs such as sage, lavender, and rosemary, each chosen for its unique cleansing properties. Assemble these fragrant elements into a cohesive bundle, carefully binding them together with twine or string. This process encourages a serene and introspective atmosphere, allowing participants to infuse their intentions and positive energy into the creation. Once completed, the clearing bundle serves as a meaningful tool for smudging, a ritualistic practice that involves burning the bundle to purify and cleanse a space. This hands-on activity not only imparts a sense of accomplishment but also offers a tangible and aromatic reminder of the intentions set during the crafting process. Whether shared in a group setting or undertaken individually, making a clearing bundle becomes a transformative experience, fostering a deeper connection with both nature and the inner self.


+ Includes crystals, herbs, and flowers.

+ $150 for up to 5 people

+ $25 for each additional person
+ Pick up or Drop Off Avaliable

DIY Mindful Bundle Creation

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